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Total Workforce Accounting

Total Workforce Accounting: Using a VMS Solution to Track Contingent Workforce Costs

Do you have visibility into your total labor costs? If your business uses freelancers, consultants, or temporary staff on a regular basis, it's crucial to use tools that let you manage these costs with the same rigor you use for your full-time employees.  Unchecked expenses can lead to inaccurate data, making it challenging to evaluate performance and impeding growth. 

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Value of an Integrated Timekeeping System for All Vendors

When using multiple vendors to handle your staffing needs, it’s common for each supplier (and their temporary workers) to rely on their own timekeeping system. Often, this approach is cumbersome, requiring supervisors to review multiple systems to confirm worker hours, deal with paper time slips on a daily or weekly basis, or otherwise spend a significant amount of time on payroll activities.

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