Tips to Improve Supporting Employees and Their Mental Health

Today, many company leaders understand that caring for the well-being of their employees is essential. The pandemic revealed how vital mental health is and the struggles many people face with managing it.

Companies can play a critical role in this equation, offering support and benefits to help employees manage and improve their mental health moving forward. If you want to support the wellness of your workforce, here are some tips to get you started.

How to Better Support The Well-Being of Your Employees

Start with Knowledge and Compassion

Learning the signs of an employee in distress is critical for managers. By doing so, they can take the right actions. For example, chastising a struggling employee for declining work quality may make things worse. Instead, managers will know that offering support may be the better option, allowing them to approach the situation with compassion.

Similarly, recognizing a warning sign creates opportunities to be proactive. Simply stating that you noticed something that might be bothering them and asking if they’d like to talk can break down barriers. If an employee is stressed, you can recommend a quick break, allowing them to regain their footing.

While many of these gestures are small, they’re highly impactful. That’s why taking part in mental health-related training should be considered essential, giving managers the tools they need to handle challenging situations correctly.

Offer the Right Mental Health Benefits

Many healthcare plans fall short when it comes to mental health benefits. In those cases, companies should explore options that allow them to expand on what’s currently offered.

One option is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). While these can include mental health counseling, you can incorporate other options to support wellness and reduce stress. Introducing financial and career coaches into the mix can give workers access to professionals that can offer guidance in areas of life that are often stressful.

Developing a resource library may also prove valuable. Having a quiet room where on-site employees can retreat if they need some solitude may make a difference, along with providing access to yoga and meditation sessions.

Ultimately, consider how you can shore up your mental health offerings beyond what’s available through insurance. That allows you to cultivate various options, ensuring employees’ needs are more broadly met.

Promote Work-Life Balance to Reduce Stress

Managers often have some options for helping their workforce achieve work-life balance. Flexible schedules and telecommuting options are two of the most straightforward approaches. However, company-paid gym memberships, meditation apps, and similar benefits can also help.

Ensuring employees take breaks and lunches is also essential. The same goes for encouraging workers to use vacation time. Time away can be healthy, allowing employees to decompress. Plus, they’ll return reinvigorated, making them more productive and ensuring morale stays high when they return.

Looking to Better Support Your Organization and Employees? 

Ultimately, all options can make a difference, so they’re worth exploring if you want to support your employees and their mental health. If managing your vendors and your contingent workforce is causing you stress, SimpleVMS can help. Contact SimpleVMS today to learn how we provide an easy-to-use portal for you to track coaching and other pertinent employee information.