Thought Leadership Values to Focus on Today

Over recent months, company leaders have navigated a wide array of challenges that are impacting their organizations. From supply chain difficulties to rising prices to recruitment woes, leaders have to remain agile if they’re going to thrive.

By embracing the right thought leadership values, it’s possible to stay ahead of the curve, even during uncertain times. Here are a few values that are worth focusing on today.

Values That Can Lead to Further Success

Focus on Relationship Building

Having strong connections can be the difference maker during challenging times. Since the pandemic altered workplace relationships, seizing opportunities that weren’t available then to bond with your workforce is essential. Along with giving you access to critical insights, strong relationships with employees build loyalty. In turn, workers are more inclined to stick with you when difficulties arise.

Ideally, these relationships should have a degree of balance. Make sure employees feel heard and valued by listening to their ideas, fears, and concerns. Through listening, you can show that you appreciate their perspective, leading to a deeper connection.

Embrace Information (and Outside Expertise)

Many company leaders must make decisions quickly to ensure the success of their companies. While relying on one’s own devices is an option, it’s often easier to make sound choices when properly informed.

Today, leaders need to embrace the idea of self-education, working diligently to remain informed about industry trends, economic conditions, and other factors that alter their operational landscape. By taking in information as quickly as possible, leaders can make choices that align with the big picture, allowing them to maintain perspective while adapting to new conditions.

Additionally, leaders need to trust in outside expertise, particularly from employees with knowledge in those areas. Turning to team members for insights can ensure you consider critical points, something that’s particularly vital if you lack experience in that specific niche.

Correct Inequities Immediately

Ensuring your workforce feels supported and believes that everyone is treated fairly is an essential part of today’s operational equation. When employees perceive a tip in the scales, leading some workers to be favored over others, morale declines. Over time, feelings of frustration, resentment, and suspicion build, creating an environment where some employees feel undervalued or unjustifiably stymied.

Examine the processes for determining who has access to various opportunities, including high-visibility projects, training programs, mentorship, and more. Additionally, examine salaries, benefits, and perks to see if everyone is generally in alignment, and take a close look at recruitment to determine if bias is playing a role in the candidate selection process. And if you spot an issue, correct it as quickly as possible.

Upskill Your Workforce

Upskilling is becoming increasingly crucial. Along with allowing leaders to demonstrate their commitment to their workforce, it creates opportunities to address skill gaps internally. Plus, it leads to higher productivity, all while allowing companies to cultivate an internal talent pool for higher-level positions within the organization.

Create straightforward paths for skill gap closure and advancement, and support the development of your workforce by making training accessible. When you do, you create a win-win scenario, one where employees feel valued and supported that also makes your workforce far more capable.

Acquire the Right Technology

Adding the right technologies to the mix can work wonders for any organization, simplifying resource management, optimizing processes, and generally boosting productivity. If you need a vendor management system (VMS) designed to streamline every aspect of contingent workforce management, SimpleVMS is an ideal solution.

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