Empower Your Staffing Agency: Revolutionizing Sales Strategies and Partnerships with SimpleVMS

As a staffing professional, are you under the impression that employers only care about results, not the methods used to achieve them? If so, you’re not alone; many staffing providers are. But times have changed. In today's technologically driven world, companies have evolved in how they manage talent, and they expect their staffing agencies to keep pace. 

Thus, staffing agencies face a tough challenge in standing out amidst competitors. Simply offering white glove service is no longer sufficient, especially when it seems like every agency offers the same level of service. To add to this challenge, many employers are consolidating their bulky staffing programs, lowering the number of vendor relationships to enhance efficiency. 

To survive, agencies need to evolve into strategic partners. This requires transforming your operations by being equipped with versatile solutions tailored to client – and talent – needs. Consider it like having a Swiss Army knife in your back pocket. With the right set of tools, your agency can offer a range of solutions for any situation. Whether it's advanced reporting, mobile capabilities, or streamlined timekeeping, agencies must demonstrate technological prowess to meet evolving demands.  

"Employers are raising the bar for their staffing vendors. They're no longer just looking for talent providers; they want strategic partners. Contingent workers play a crucial role, aiding businesses in managing labor costs and offering flexibility in workforce size according to demand. And companies want more than just bodies—they want innovative solutions and better transparency to meet their evolving needs."  

~Rob Geist, VP of Growth, SimpleVMS 


Indeed, as more employers ask, "What tools do you have to meet our needs?" It's clear that exceptional service isn't enough; agencies must deliver innovative solutions to stay ahead. Today's employers demand tangible evidence of reliable talent pools, enhanced metrics, and streamlined invoicing processes. Without the right technology, meeting these expectations becomes a cumbersome, manual ordeal that doesn't just fail to generate revenue—it risks alienating both agencies and recruiters.  

But with the right solutions in hand, agencies can possess an arsenal of tools designed to address the specific needs and challenges of their clients. By leveraging advanced capabilities like timekeeping systems, scheduling software, and mobile outreach tools, staffing agencies can deliver a seamless staffing experience. They can also anticipate and address labor demands in real-time, ensuring a reliable and responsive supply of talent.  

Think about it: if you can offer innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed your clients' growing needs, while helping your recruiters place and manage talent more efficiently, you will not only differentiate, but elevate, your agency, solidifying your position as a trusted business partner. 

Navigating the VMS Landscape: Empowering Staffing Agencies to Thrive 

VMS solutions have historically faced skepticism among staffing professionals. They are often seen as costly, user-unfriendly, and prone to creating unnecessary barriers between the agency and its clients. Moreover, even the most widely used VMS solutions often fall short of meeting client's needs to manage their workforce effectively. 

But not all VMSs are created equal. And as employers increasingly turn to VMSs and MSPs to oversee their contingent work programs, it's crucial for agencies to assert control by selecting the right VMS solution that aligns with both their own needs and those of their clients.  

“Every day, I'm contacted by a staffing client complaining that they’re getting implemented by yet another expensive VMS. They need a tool to combat this. When this happens, I always ask: ‘Do you want to take charge of the implementation process or risk being stuck with an inefficient system that could end up costing you more?’ VMSs don't have to be seen as a necessary evil. Instead, they offer a chance to provide your clients with a superior tool that empowers your agency and enhances your services." 

~Rob Geist 


It’s clear that staffing professionals must reconsider their perspective on working with a VMS. For employers, VMSs provide the convenience of managing multiple vendors as easily as working with just one. This streamlined approach is particularly beneficial for staffing agencies, especially when employers want to simplify managing their staffing programs by using fewer vendors. So, there are clear advantages for your agency when a client adopts a VMS solution.  

But with so many VMS options available, how can you determine which one works best for your agency and clients? 
Why SimpleVMS? Unveiling the Benefits of the Right Solution for Staffing Agencies and Clients 

Fortunately, staffing agencies now have a solution that resonates with both agencies and their clients – SimpleVMS. It stands out as one of the few VMS solutions ardently appreciated by recruiters and agencies alike. Why the praise? SimpleVMS is uniquely designed by staffing professionals for staffing professionals, offering the transparency, reporting, consolidated invoicing, and timekeeping features that employers and their vendors desperately need. 

SimpleVMS offers: 

  • Integrated Timekeeping System: Managers no longer need to juggle multiple systems for approvals and management. With SimpleVMS, they have a single timeclock option to streamline their operations and better manage workforce attendance.
  • Transparent Invoicing: SimpleVMS provides a single, transparent invoice for the entire contingent workforce, meeting the demand for greater visibility into staffing program costs.
  • Enhanced Metrics: In today's metrics-driven world, clients seek comprehensive data on their staffing programs. SimpleVMS delivers detailed metrics on time-to-fill, tenure, and more, empowering clients to make informed decisions.
  • Streamlined Operations: SimpleVMS helps agencies overcome decentralization and lack of cost-management by automating non-revenue generating activities like report generation. This frees up time for recruiters to focus on what matters most – recruiting top talent. 

And by partnering with Avionté, a leading enterprise staffing technology provider serving over 1,800 agencies across North America, SimpleVMS now offers recruiters the industry's first fully integrated ATS/VMS solution to create a true end-to-end staffing platform. No more toggling between platforms; recruiters can now enjoy faster placements and differentiate themselves from the competition. 

With recruiters no longer having to manage multiple systems, they receive automatic updates on job openings and show-up rates, enabling them to respond instantaneously. Moreover, Avionté's integrated mobile staffing solution further enhances this efficiency by allowing recruiters to quickly notify a larger pool of loyal talent about any opportunities, resulting in faster placements. 

Ultimately, when employers can accurately measure the value provided by their vendors, price becomes less of a sticking point. While companies often negotiate to lower costs in a market where expenses are rising, research indicates that price isn't the sole determining factor in their agency selection process. Instead, they prioritize superior service and are willing to invest more accordingly.  

Demonstrating your agency's value through metrics redirects the focus away from price during negotiations, making SimpleVMS a transformative force in an increasingly cost-conscious market. 

Elevating Staffing Agency Success with SimpleVMS: Transforming Sales Conversations and Fostering Strategic Partnerships 

As contingent workers continue to play an increasingly vital role in today's workforce, the significance of staffing agencies likewise grows. However, despite their importance, staffing agencies still face challenges in achieving substantial growth, capturing only 2-3 percent of the market share. Even with the staffing industry projected to grow by a modest 4% in 2024, it has remained relatively stagnant at around 2% of total U.S. employment for nearly three decades. 

To stand out in this competitive landscape, staffing agencies must differentiate themselves. SimpleVMS offers a solution tailored to the needs of both agencies and their clients, providing the transparency, reporting, and streamlined operations necessary for success. By leveraging SimpleVMS, agencies can position themselves as strategic partners, offering innovative solutions to labor issues and providing a stable pipeline of talent. 

And by adopting SimpleVMS, staffing agencies can now transform their sales approach. Instead of introducing themselves as just another staffing provider, they can begin conversations by asking key questions, such as: How are you measuring your labor costs? Are you struggling to manage multiple vendors who are using disparate systems? Do you have true transparency into your staffing program?  

With SimpleVMS in hand, your agency can now offer innovative solutions to clients, shifting the conversation away from issues such as price, and instead positioning yourself as a valued partner by demonstrating your commitment to solving client challenges and driving mutual success. And if you think employers wouldn’t pay more for that kind of service, think again! 

"Employers are seeking more than just service providers from staffing agencies – they want genuine partners who will go above and beyond to bring creative solutions and technology to tackle challenges and meet their business needs. What's remarkable is that with the right VMS in place, even smaller agencies can rise to the occasion and compete shoulder-to-shoulder with industry giants, delivering exceptional value to their clients." 

~Rob Geist